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Mitsubishi CNC is the best solution for your CNC requirements in the 21st century.

With the new M70 and M700 conventional type CNC, you have absolute piece of mind that the job will get done with top quality results.

The new M70 and M700 conventional type CNC has higher process speeds, more accuracy and is user friendly during tool set up and machine programming.

This is top quality Japanese design at it's best!


Our aim is to encourage machine dealers across Southern Africa to give their customers the option of choosing a conventional Mitsubishi CNC  

Customers and machine dealers can now have the peace of mind that Mitsubishi CNC parts and 24 hour service is available locally at competitive pricing.

We also aim to keep our stock levels as high as possible for the new conventional M70 and M700 CNC systems.

Also available to the Southern African market is our Service Exchange program for old generation Mitsubishi CNC systems.

We also aim to keep machine dealers and end users up to date with training, building their confidence to use Mitsubishi CNC systems to its maximum potential.


MOTIONTRONIX is appointed by Mitsubishi Electric CNC as the Service Centre in Southern Africa.

We cover the whole of South Africa as well as neighbouring countries

If you are a machine dealer or a end user that want to enquire about Mitsubishi CNC controls, do not hesitate to contact us today.


Retrofit systems are also available for customers with old CNC machines, or any application that needs high speed positioning.

Make your old CNC machine like brand new and use the latest technology in CNC controls today. Or find out what CNC control we can offer for your high speed positioning application

Some of Mitsubishi's CNC controls are in use in large high speed manufacturing plants worldwide with great success and more productivity than FA controls.


Service Exchange Units, are your OLD Faulty Units that we will exchange for a new Reconditioned Unit at very competitive prices.

Mitsubishi Electric CNC Division Germany has an extensive library of Reconditioned CNC Units and Capable Rework Centre to Repair and Recondition any Old Mitsubishi CNC Unit, thus enabling us to send your old faulty unit in and receiving a Reworked and Burn-in Tested replacement.

Please NOTE: Not all parts are Service Exchange Units and will be sold as a Sales                        Units