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Mitsubishi CNC Promotion Tour 2013 South Africa.

This is our 4th year as the Mitsubishi CNC service centre in Southern Africa. There will be different types of feedback after the past 4 years. But to us all feedback is positive even if it is negative.

So let us see you during the promotion tour and let us hear from you how we can better our service.

Our aim together with Mitsubishi CNC is to assure machine dealers that they can offer their customers a good, reliable product with most importantly the support. We represent Mitsubishi CNC proudly, not only because it is a good product, but because we want Mitsubishi to be known in South Africa as excellent reliable service.

So your feedback as a machine dealer or customer, is absolutely important to us. This is after all why we are in business today. Let us also show you the latest technology that Mitsubishi has to offer with our conventional M70 / M700 series CNC. So please take some time from your busy schedule and join us on Mitsubishi CNC Promo Tour 2013 South Africa. Joining us on this tour will be Mr. Dietmar Braun from Mitsubishi Electric CNC Europe.

The full details will be available soon here..