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What is a Service Exchange part?

A service exchange part is a faulty part that is not available on the manufacturing line of Mitsubishi CNC anymore. It is a part with the correct software version pre-loaded so that it will be compatible as your original part. It also comes with a warranty should one of our experienced technicians install it on your machine.

These parts has been fully rebuilt at Mitsubishi CNC Europe's state of the art rework centre. These parts has also been tested by Mitsubishi CNC Europe under similar machine conditions for hours before they are approved & certified for sales.

A service exchange part will cost much less than a sales part because you exchange your old part for the new one. It also saves you time where as a repair can take up to a month before you will receive it back.

What is the ordering procedure?

If you enquire for a service exchange part we will require some machine details from you.

Once you have supplied us with the required machine details & part you desire to replace, we will give you a quotation. If you have accepted the quotation then the ordering procedure will start according to our Terms & Conditions.

We also require the S/W & H/W version of the part that you desire to replace as well as the serial number if it is necessary for us.

During the ordering procedure you must send us the old unit you desire to replace. This unit must reach our office within 3-5 working days. You can also book a service call with us so that one of our technicians can remove the part from the machine.

What will my waiting period be for a service exchange part?

Once you have ordered a service exchange unit, it should be in South Africa within 2 working days. We then have a customs procedure that all imported parts must go through. This is standard for all importations into South Africa according to Customs terms & conditions. The customs clearing procedure is not always within our control or even within our clearing agent's control, but it can be up to 7 working days before clearing is granted.

What is machine details?

We require the following information when you enquire for a service exchange part :

Machine make, machine model number, machine serial number, required part number & alarm or fault with desired part to be exchanged.

Why should I give this information?

We at MOTIONTRONIX believe in the quality of Mitsubishi products.

Mitsubishi only manufactures parts that is meant to last for many years. This is why we keep a database of all the parts that we sell into the market. We also keep a database of the specific CNC machine every part is installed. This program enables us to track whether parts are failing more than often on a specific machine. We can do investigations on that machine to determine the cause. There are many factors involved to why parts are failing on a machine other than it being a defective or unreliable product. This information is also held at Mitsubishi CNC Europe, which is also reported back to Mitsubishi Japan.

So you as customer or machine dealer can be assured that if any defective parts should be in the market that Mitsubishi CNC will capture it. This shows how important it is to Mitsubishi CNC to manufacture only quality, robust & reliable products.

Where do I find the machine details?

Every machine, irrespective of it's make, does have a small plate mounted on it. On this plate is the Make of the machine.

This is the brand name of the machine. Just as your motor vehicle has a make. On this plate will also be a model number for your machine. This plate will also have a serial number of the machine. This is unique to each machine. This is how we determine the difference between a similar make & model.

Why should I give you the alarm or fault with the desired part?

In some cases it might not be necessary for you to replace any parts on the machine.

We determine through this information if a unit is faulty or if there are settings on the CNC controller that needs to be rectified. We can also determine if the part that you suspect is faulty is indeed the correct part. In some cases you might need to replace a different part.

Why should I supply you with the S/W, H/W & serial number of the part if I order it from you?


All CNC systems has a pre-loaded software version when the machine was manufactured.

If we do not have this information then we can not supply you with the correct software version so that your new part can communicate with the existing system software version. If you give us this information once you place an order with us we can have your new part delivered to South Africa within 2 days.

If you do not give us this information it only means that we have to wait for the old part to reach our office before we can send this information to Mitsubishi CNC Europe.

There are cases where a unit might not have any labels or information on it due to the age of the machine. Please contact us then & we can telephonically or through a service call determine which S/W version is on the machine.

Can you do repairs to my Mitsubishi CNC parts if required?


Although we at MOTIONTRONIX do not do repairs locally, because we do not have access to all the genuine electronic parts that Mitsubishi CNC parts require, our Mitsubishi CNC partners in Europe can.

Even though some customers prefer to have some parts refurbished locally through electronics experts to save costs, it does not save time when these parts fail continuously afterward.

So in some unique cases where there is not stock of a specific part, because it might have been manufactured for only a certain machine builder, or uniquely for a certain machine, Mitsubishi CNC will repair this part.

Machine dealers or customers can contact us to come and investigate a particular machine so that we can advise you on which parts you should keep as spares to avoid a repair time period.

Are all parts service exchange parts?


Not all parts are service exchange parts.

Parts such as Spindle encoders, cables, magnetic sensors, servo & spindle motors are not service exchange parts.

These parts are still available but it will be sold as sales parts & not service exchange parts.


What can Mitsubishi CNC offer me as a customer?


If you are interested in purchasing a new machine with a Mitsubishi CNC controller, we can together with the relevant machine dealer discuss different service contracts available from Mitsubishi & the Machine dealer with the purchase of the machine.

This can assure you as a customer that we will solve any failure of your machine within in 24 hours. We can also then keep the relative spare parts for your machine according to the contract.

You can also book a service call with us if you have an old machine, so that we can investigate the back up batteries, make a back up of your machine data & advise you on which critical spares to keep on site.

We can also train you on how to set up a Mitsubishi CNC to send machining programs via a Personal Computer.


What can Mitsubishi CNC offer me as a machine dealer?


If you are a machine dealer & you would like us to come visit you for a demonstration of our latest products available to South Africa, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are already selling machines with Mitsubishi CNC systems, you can also contact us to visit you to give your staff maintenance training, diagnostic identification & data back up procedures.

We can also advise you according to the machines that you have sold, & that have no more warranty, on what critical spares to keep so that your customers have minimum down time if necessary.

We can also assist you during new machine installations, set up & training for your customer.

You as a machine dealer need to know what you are selling into the market. We can assist you with any queries you might have about Mitsubishi CNC products.

We can also keep you updated with all the new news from Mitsubishi CNC & what the latest developments & technologies are on the market.


What is the most important thing that I should know about a machine with a Mitsubishi CNC control?


The most important information that you as a customer or machine dealer should know is to have a complete back up of all the data of a Mitsubishi CNC controller once it is set up on site.

Please contact us & book a service call with us so that one of our experienced technicians can make a complete back up.