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Rudi van der Merwe
MD-Elect. Eng. NHD GCC

MOTIONTRONIX Company Profile.

Motiontronix opened it doors to business in November 2002 by Mr Rudi van der Merwe.

He had a long life dream of delivering good service & support to the factory automation industry. Rudi, qualified Electrical Engineer (MD-Elect. Eng. NHD GCC has good customer service & sales skills with over 25 years of pratical experience. As Motiontronix was starting to deliver service to the industry, they came across many Mitsubishi factory automation applications & requirements. Rudi has a lot of confidence in Mitsubishi Electric products & therefore made the descision that Motiontronix should start supplying Mitsubishi Electric products, but most importantly support this product. Motiontronix through Rudi's great leadership started getting larger projects, but was still able to continue with excellent service with the existing customer base. Motiontronix also kept service call rates at very competitive pricing against it's larger oppositions & stiil continue with very affordable service rates today. The team that Rudi started employing are passionate about the industry that they serve & Rudi still believes in employing such members today. This has driven Motiontronix to some outstanding lengths & in 2008, Motiontronix was appointed by Mitsubishi CNC Europe, as the authorised CNC Service Centre in Sub-Saharan Africa. It was a different market for Motiontronix to get used to, but Rudi, as always, has lead his team and some new members in the team, to give it their utmost best. Through a struggling recession that hit the world market, the Motiontronix team, kept growing through Rudi's great leadership & positive attitude. The Mitsubishi CNC market for Southern Africa started growing day by day & year by year. This was also made possible by Mitsubishi CNC (Europe), who audit biennially. Motiontronix then also decided to move into another market. Switchgear! Motiontronix signed yet another agreement with a sister company of Mitsubishi Electric, Shihlin Electric.

Some new members have also joined the team so that Motiontronix can continuaslly deliver our expected excellence & quality service to it's existing & new customer base. Now Motiontronix can deliver a wider range of products such as CNC, Factory Automation & Switchgear products. It is now possible through CNC retrofits & Factory Automation installations to provide a reliable Switchgear product. Motiontronix also sells parts such as sensors, relays, cooling systems & power supplies which are used both in CNC & Factory Automation. The team has tested these products over the last 10 years & have found these products to be as reliable as expected from Mitsubishi .

Please visit the Contact page for any advice you require on all your CNC, Factory Automation & Switchgear requirements..